Training on course is available year around EXCEPT for the section from Leith Valley up Mt Cargill. This section crosses private farmland. The landowner has generously given us permission to cross their land for the race and for one orientation run.

Here are some training programs specifically designed for the Three Peaks Mountain Race and Walk Events (26km and 11km only). These programmes are courtesy of Body Synergy.

Visit Body Synergy’s website: for information on some great products

Orientation Runs

The first Orientation run took place on Sunday, 26 Jan 2020 at 9am – Three Peaks Plus One orientation run.  Go to Three Peaks Facebook for a full report and photos.

March 8th – running from Woodhaugh (meet at George St entrance at 9am) up Flagstaff along to Swampy and back down Leith Valley Rd to the start. This covers the first part of leg of the 52km course and just over half of the 26km course. Approximately 20km.

March 15th – running from Woodhaugh (meet at George St entrance at 9am) run up Leith Valley Rd then complete the second half of the 26km course and the last 2 legs of the 52km course over Mt Cargill to Bethunes Gully then running back to the start. Approximately 22km.

March 7th – Three Peaks Plus One orientation run starting at the Bullring on Whare Flat rd at 9am and covering legs 2 to 5 to Swampy then running back to the Bullring. Approximately 34km.

All runs will be at a slow pace with regular regroups. Runners will need to bring appropriate gear and enough food and water for their own needs.

Like the Three Peaks Facebook page for the latest details.