Course Records (from 2009)

GradeNameYearTime (H:M:S)
Open MenDougal Thorburn20101:55:44
Open WomenSarah Chisnall20102:19:56
Masters Men 35-49Norman Dunroy20102:04:33
Masters Women 35-49Louisa Andrew20142:28:14
Masters Men 50-59Norman Dunroy20172:14:37
Masters Women 50-59Sally Nicholl20103:11:17
Masters Men 60+Lachie Ashton20192:57:24
Masters Women 60+Sally Nicholl20194:00:50
Mens TeamOllie O' Sullivan and Elliot O' Sullivan20102:06:12
Womens TeamDeborah Lynch and Susannah Lynch20142:30:07
Mixed TeamVictoria Beck and Matt Bixley20132:21:11

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