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Race Details: The 37th Three Peaks

Please note that the details below applied mostly to the 2019 event and can be changed as we draw nearer to the event on 29 March 2020.

SAFETY: As a compulsory safety requirement all competitors must carry a seam sealed jacket, long sleeved thermal top and beanie. A gear check will be available at the start from 7.30am on the morning of the race. Spot checks will be done at registration and during the race. In poor weather, gloves and leg coverings are strongly recommended.

Please visit this page regularly for any updates

Start time

Event Time
Early start:  26km Three Peaks Mountain Race 8:30am
Main start:  26km Three Peaks Mountain Race 9:30am

The race starts at Leith Valley (by the bridge at the corner of Malvern and Woodhaugh Streets). Registration is available from Malvern Street entrance to Woodhaugh Gardens from 7.30am.


The 26km Mountain Race finish will be at Chingford Park, North Road, North East Valley, Dunedin. 

Early start

The early start option (8.30am) is available for the main 26km running event. Runners who anticipate they will take over 3 hours 30 mins for the 26km race are eligible for an early start. Please indicate on your entry form if you require an early start. Eligibility for an early start is at the discretion of the race committee.

Race packs

Race Packs will be available for pick up from 7.30am from the start at the Malvern Street entrance to Woodhaugh Gardens.

Personalised Numbers

Entries would have had to have been received by a date (still to be decided) in the week leading up to the event on Sunday, 29 March 2020 to get a personalised race number.

Late entries

Late entries will be accepted on the race day, up to 30 minutes prior to the race starting. Any entries received after a date in March 2020 (still to be decided) will incur a late entry fee.  Entries must be received by a date in March 2020 (still to be decided) to get a personalised race number.

Water/aid stations

All competitors please ensure their fluid levels are maintained for the duration of the race.

26km Run

There are four water stations on the course; Flagstaff, Swampy Summit, Leith Valley and Mt. Cargill. These stations will only provide water. They will also be equipped with first aid kits and cell phones. Please, if you are feeling unwell, have an injury, or are starting to feel an injury, please stop at your nearest drink station for assistance.

Check points

Runners must visit the checkpoints (water stations) on Flagstaff, Swampy Summit and Mt Cargill. Please inform a marshal at a checkpoint or the finish line if you retire from the race as soon as possible. We need to account for everyone on the course.


In the event of adverse weather conditions, we will seek to delay the start of each race by two hours. As with events of this nature, there will be no refunds given if the event is cancelled for reasons beyond the organisers' control.

Postponements/cancellations will be advertised on the major Dunedin Radio Stations and on the Three Peaks website as soon as reasonably possible.


Prizegiving venue and time still to be determined.

King and Queen of the Mountain

Sponsored by Sims Brothers Garage, this includes a cash prize for the first man and first woman to the Swampy Summit who then go on to finish the 26km running race.

Meal and refreshments

Light refreshments will be available at the finish line. A sausage sizzle will also be operating, with all competitors receiving a free sausage on presentation of their race number. Sausages will also be available for family and friends to purchase for $2.

Vehicles driving to the top of Swampy Summit will drive through a lockable gate. Please note, this gate will be locked by our marshals leaving the Swampy Summit Drink Station at the end of the event. Please do not leave your vehicle at the changeover point.


As a safety requirement, all competitors must carry a seam sealed jacket, long sleeved thermal top and beanie (Note: these items are compulsory).  Spot checks will also be done at registration and during the race. In poor weather, gloves and leg coverings are strongly recommended. While it may be warm and mild at the start, it may be quite different near the top of any of the three peaks. The weather in Dunedin can change dramatically in a very short time, so adherence to this safety requirement is paramount and is compulsory.

First aid

First Aid will be available at each drink station and at the finish line.

Road closures

There are NO road closures, so normal road rules apply.

Brief course description

See Map section for more details.

This is a 26km endurance event finishing at Chingford Park.  The race starts at the Malvern St/Woodhaugh Street intersections by the bridge, the route goes via Ross Creek reservior up into the Pineapple Track, to Flagstaff Summit, back down to Swampy Summit turnoff and then up to Swampy Summit before descending to Leith Valley then up to the summit of Mount Cargill, before descending via Bethune's Gully into Norwood Street to the finish at Chingford Park, North East Valley.