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Course Map: The 2019 Three Peaks

The 2019 event which will take place on Sunday 7 April 2019.  Due to the nature of the event where permission to allow runners on private farms is needed to be obtained and possible changes to the the course due to forestry work etc, race details have to be updated as we get closer to the date of the race. Please visit this page regularly to see any updates.

All courses are clearly marked with tape and spray painted arrows. Marshals will be located at all key intersections.

Three Peaks Mountain Run course map

3 peaks course map.

Note: Our "Race the Summit"  and Walk events are approximately 11km and take in the first part of the full 26km Race, finishing on Swampy Summit.

TRAINING ON COURSE Prior to and after the Three Peaks Mountain Race, athletes are respectfully asked when training not to run or walk through the landowner's paddocks up to Mt Cargill from Leith Valley Road. We only have permission to run through this privately owned land during the orientation runs and the Three Peaks Mountain Race itself. Failure to adhere to this request may jeopardise the future of this event

Full 26km Run description

Starting at Malvern Street/Woodhaugh Street intersection by the bridge and running up into Ross Creek Reservior, right into and up Wakari Road for about 800m to Tanner Road and then up into the Pineapple Track to the first checkpoint at the top of Flagstaff and then retracing the path back down to join onto the Skyline Walkway Track up to the second checkpoint at Swampy Summit (finish of Race the Summit).  Then continues down the 4WD track turning left into Leith Valley road and then right into the farm track road, crossing the farm overbridge and then heading up the paddocks to the forestry plantations and onto the Mt Cargill road to the top of Mt Cargill, the third checkpoiint, and then down the track to Bethune's Gully and then right into Norwood Street finally turning right into Tannadice Street, left into Dryden Street, to finish at Chingford Park.  Note: The track down from Mt Cargill is narrow - this is a public walking track - please be considerate to other users.

If you retire from the race you must report to the finish. As part of the race is on private land, no dogs are to accompany runners. Also, please, no buggies.

Recreational Walk and "Race the Summit" course description

The 11km Walk and the 11km "Race the Summit" will start at Malvern Street / Woodhaugh Street intersection at the bridge and take in the first part of the Three Peaks 26km race finishing at the top of Swampy Summit.

Teams Recreational 26km Race Description

Please note that the teams event this year is a recreational event and no prizes will be awarded for placings.

The first member of the team starts at the same time as the main 26km Three Peaks race (not the early start) and hands over to the second team member at the top of Swampy Summit.  The second team member runs the second part of the course to the finish at Chingford Park. The course is the same as the main 26km event.

If you retire from the race you must report to the finish. As part of the race is on private land, no dogs are to accompany runners. Also, please, no buggies.

Directions for those providing transport for runners and walkers finishing at Swampy Summit:

To get to the Swampy Summit, from George Street. Turn off George Street and up Warrander Street.

Travel along Warrander Street to the Maori Hill roundabout and turn right onto Balmacewan Road. Travel along Balmacewan Road (which will automatically turn into Helenburgh Road). Turn right onto Taieri Road and continue along this road for approximately 2km. Turn right onto Flagstaff-Whare Flat Road (gravel road) and follow the signs to the change over point.

Please Note: The gate will be locked when the Marshals leave the Swampy Summit drink station (once all runners have been through the check point).